This page contains key fingerprints that might interest you if you wish to communicate with me securely. In case I have multiple accounts with some protocols, I only list those which I mainly care about.

If you wish to verify these fingerprints without CloudFlare in the middle, check this page at GitHub directly.


My 3PIDs are currently linked to at mikaela colon disroot dot org.

name ID key
Phone#1 (2017-10-11) JOMIFFAFLN yyct aEtB qMlS xvev yf1e 0oRX LWGq hvSB ckgE 8dHj LkA
Sedric_Arch HBOCBHZWOK V3Vi SFSO uJgu U86U fC2T lSzS dSii eZjb 5oWF 6n1/ 5/8
Sedric_Arch_nativefier-staging MZFHHEFQPQ DDiu IRAc Uta5 jF8g s03L 9yud Qdo1 k+BW emov U5ci DRU
Sedric_Arch_nativefier-customtags XPHDDTWGPA vE0q jTt9 BhLW zdn6 4FQq k73L 4n3r TVUV S6Ms tCa7 24w
Zaldaryn KZLLEPLWVT Ce33 TV4s NpCM Bh1o hMei iej+ WvDx SxZZ n0qj 0+ru eKY
Sedric_Windows ECIZOFNVQH pTZq qWA2 jXxI UqbD q+HO BKu1 bmLA ImvX TG7z vcrm ruo


Device/Software OMEMO Fingerprint
Jolla/Conversations BFB9F16B B4C8CAA9 577A2C26 1F6287A5 5EA0F0F5 A08F2927 096DBBA2 958BBD76
ONEPLUS A3003/Conversations A16A397A 8A4C5122 D3687C76 94E39B2D 64078F0C 14B9BC90 1BF64701 BAF09C54
Sedric/Gajim 4EA259D3 D547EABE 68A42831 92906A76 B99EEFDC E042AA6B BE7B57BE 507D0A4C
Zaldaryn/Gajim 43D691D4 1C1D2198 0399F310 52605FC5 8C35FAD5 46879BB8 CBCC9262 947E207D


OTR is impossible with three clients fighting for the messages, so I only support it with IRC (which currently has no other good choice and where I have only single client (WeeChat) which my phone also connects to) and even if some of the XMPP clients talks it, I would appreciate you using OMEMO instead.

Account OTR Fingerprint
IRC DA0CFDDE E05BE012 B2E726B5 0789F4E2 E7DB582D


PGP Fingerprint
2910 4A46 C561 5BF9 78A0 83F2 0C20 7F07 B2F3 2B67