Even if I talk about these things openly here, I prefer that you don’t talk about me being these minorities to anyone and let me tell by myself if I see reason to do it. People interested enough can put my name to any search engine and find here sooner or later.

If you did out me, you would risk me being treated differently and possibly cause dangerous concequences.

On this page I am trying to explain myself more or those things that you might wonder in my self-description. Some things that I explain here may overlap with different features.

For more material about these things, please see GRSM links.

GirlsLikeUs — I am a trans woman

It simply means that I was incorrectly defined as boy at birth which I never was. I didn’t always know it, but around 14-15 Dysphoria really hit me.

I was always different from boys and I have been always bullied and I became suicidal and depressed. I was diagnosed with AS which didn’t so much, but finally I came to realization on who I am and started the progress to be recognized as myself.

As the progress is too slow in Finland I ended up starting HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) by myself (like many (if not most) of us here do) and was on it for year before getting diagnosed and getting HRT officially.

Many people have said that I am nowadays happier and smile more and other things like that and I know this is who I am.

It’s also not very nice when you separate sex and gender by saying “your gender can be female, but you are always biologically male” and it has been noted multiple times that gender is biological. GRSM links

I feel this part doesn’t transmit how being trans feels and some things should possibly be mentioned here…

AS - Asperger’s Syndrome

I am AS-person and you might see it from the way I write and speak. I have some over-sensitive senses like sense of hearing and it becomes difficult for me to speak if I try to look into your eyes at the same time, so I am not trying to be impolite or anything, it’s just easier to not look at you while I speak. Same applies to understanding your speaking.

This paragraph is stub -.-

I have afterwards learned that I am also a Higly Sensitive Person (HSP, but it overlaps with autism a little and I don’t know what to start typing it and it’s piece of information that would mainly interest another HSP like many other things on this page, so I am just leaving it here.

Ace & Relationship Anarchist

I am asexual and possibly relationship anarchist, but it will be seen…

I used to define myself as poly-curiuos (wondering if I am poly (capable of having simultaneous close romantic relationships with two or more people) or not) and demiromantic (the ace of diamonds playing card is their symbol shared by demisexuals) which means only forming romantic attraction after forming close emotional bond with the person

At some point I started wondering does touching and caring have to be limited into relationship and found Romantic Asexual, or Touch Hunger? which made sense and made me think that there is no romanticity, just sensuality and in the bottom relationship anarchy. As what is the difference between friend and partner, what prevents you from (consentually) cuddling or having sex with friends? What prevents you from loving your friends and is loving so different from liking and don’t you sometimes use the words interchangeably? What prevents you from doing all the things you wish to do with your partner with some friend? What if love comes after you stop for especially looking for one or multiple people to call as partner(s)?

However labels such as partner still appear to be necessary with unique relationships based on their development or otherwise I am not understood.

I am not so sure about this as I might seem in typing this, but what will happen will be seen when it happens.


I support equal rights for everyone and the right of self-definition (or not requiring anyone to define themselves). Everyone should also be the one to choose what they do with their body (abortion, gender transition etc.) freely without complicated researchs and other people or society judging them.

This is basicaly everything, but shouldn’t I also say something more?

Linux user

I have been used Linux since 2008, I started with Ubuntu (8.04). My preferred distribution is Ubuntu MATE or [Arch Linux] or with servers Debian, but I am also familiar with other distributions, mainly Debian-deriatives.

I have experience with Fedora and other distributions from that side too and I am not entirely lost while using them, but somehow I have always preferred Debian side. Maybe it’s just that I have learned to use it.

Hah, this is the only part of the page I feel is enough descriptive…

Update: every time I read this this seems to be outdated and is possibly getting removed entirely sometime.


This link list to life post on my blog shouldn’t be here, but it has no better place, so where else should it be?

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Please keep in mind that everything in this page is just my opinion and not all trans or AS or <any group> people are the exact same.