Since the Limnoria episode I have been blocking PMs from everyone, because multiple people thought that as I am not part of any those communities anymore, the best way to get support is PMing me which is wrong.

I get tired with telling people to go to proper channels, so I told my ZNC to set umode +g automatically at freenode which accidentally went to all networks (as I didn’t have network level *perform loaded), but I am happy this way.

  • I don’t receive any unwanted PMs, so PM harassment has dropped.
  • People learn basic politeness by having to ask before PMing.

So what if someone wants to PM me and does that without asking?

The sender sees the following:

Mikaela :is in +g mode (server-side ignore.)
Mikaela :has been informed that you messaged them.

And I see the following:

Michaela ~Mikaela@PirateParty/FI/Member :is messaging you, and you have umode +g.

All messages appear in server buffer and then I have some options:

  • If I know Michaela and I trust that she has some good reason to PM me, I can /accept Michaela and ask her to send the message again.
    • I know Michaela, because Michaela is my altnick on many networks and and this example comes from PirateIRC which is first network that was open and that doesn’t freeze HexChat when attaching to ZNC.
  • If I have no idea who is Michaela, I can whois her to see if we share any common channels and ask on those what she wanted to talk in PM and if I see reason for it, I /accept Michaela.
  • If I know that Michaela is some horrible person on channel, I can ignore the notification on PM attempt as she is not going to say anything nice or that is worth hearing, very likely harassment…

If I had done /accept Michaela, she would be able to PM me until

  • I removed the authorization using /accept -Mikaela
  • I or Michaela disconnected
  • Michaela changed her nick

I can also check which people are allowed to PM me using /accept *. PMing someone automatically adds them to /accept on modern some IRCds if you are on umode +g.

For (un)setting umodes, see this post.