I should probably also say some kind of opinion.

I don’t like calling anyone names and I think it would be best to just talk about things, but there are always people who don’t listen or want to understand and maybe this word has it’s usage, I haven’t used it much, but I think that I might have used it sometime when upset, but I don’t remember more and my memory hasn’t worked lately.

Of course it can probably be thought that if I was more attacking, I might still be at school unlike the people there whom this word possibly describes… Shortly, first time they said “hi Name, you are beautiful”, next time “hi” and mocked my masculine voice and the third time I couldn’t even use bathroom in peace, my name was shouted and when I ignored them and didn’t look them at all, they shouted after me if I have <male genitalia>. School naturally cannot do anything at all, because I am not cis or neurotypical so I have just been at home for month and talked about suicide possibly daily.

I am probably bad human, because I am in disputes with everyone everywhere and I am not good trans either, because I only wish that I was cis girl and neurotypical and that someone could love me some day. I don’t know if being out is the best possible choise for me, but I don’t have a choice and maybe it will help someone even if I never heard about the person and I try to do everything I can even if nothing ever succeeds and I always do and say everything wrongly.

I am tired of this war which is always in these comments and continuosly trans person is killed somewhere, especially trans woman of colour and everywhere there are laws against LGBTIQ+ people and now there has been aa lot talk about those bathrooms. It’s just not possible to get rest from this thing.

(and I once again managed to talk offtopic most of the time, but as I wrote this, maybe I must also send this)

(ja onnistuin puhumaan suurimman osan aivan aiheen vierestä, mutta kun minä kerran kirjoitin tämän niin kai minun pitää myös lähettää tämä)

– Facebook comment

This is translated from my Finnish post