Some time ago I thought that I could write about this (or at least my issue tracker has open issue about this and as I am not sleeping, I can probably write about this…)

My ZNC config after installation is the following:

  • Skin: forest
  • Global modules:
    • adminlog
    • block_motd
    • certauth
    • chansaver
    • fail2ban
    • lastseen
    • log -sanitize $USER/$NETWORK/$WINDOW/%Y-%m-%d.log
    • playback
    • privmsg
    • webadmin

And on user level

  • Modules
    • alias
    • autoreply
    • cert
    • controlpanel
    • ctcp_notifier
    • ctcpflood
    • disconkick
    • listcokets
    • perform
    • send_raw
    • shell
  • Channel modes: +stn
  • Buffer size: 50
  • Multi Clients
  • Prepend Timestamps
  • Admin
  • Try to parse as UTF-8 and as ISO-8859-15, send as UTF-8 (recommended)

I don’t use “Auto Clear Chan Buffer” or “Auto Clear Query Buffer”, because I use the playback module on phone and on my 24/7 WeeChat I have clientbuffer which is same as those two options set to single client.

Don’t see any sense in this post? Me neither, don’t worry, I wonder what was my original reason for adding this to my issue tracker…