I felt like my biography (that less than 140 characters thing you see at all my profiles) had been unchanged for some time and had some issues, so I changed it.

#GirlsLikeUs ♥ AS ♥ Feminist 🂱 Linux user since 2008 ♥ she/her/hers

  • For #GirlsLikeUs, please see here.
  • AS, I am person with Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Feminist shouldn’t need opening, but it’s explained in my about page.
  • I am romantic asexual and even if your browser or whatever service you use to see my profile doesn’t show the Ace of Hearts, you see that I am Feminist using Linux which I also am.
  • I cannot assume people to know which pronouns to use as even if I am trans woman, I could have strong preference to some other pronouns such as singular they.
    • I am OK with all gender neutral pronouns with the exception of s/he or (s)he or similar which just attmpt merging binary genders together.

UPDATE: I forgot to explain why the hearts as separator. What else would I use? I think they look nicer than commas and I think the 🂱 fits better with them. And as example of service which doesn’t like 🂱 try Twitter.