This post is mainly for me to document this. I usually have only / and /home partitions (swapfile is on /), but UEFI also requires separate /boot/efi and it probably doesn’t hurt to train myself into making it on older device.

  • /boot
    • 512 MB as recommended at ArchWiki
    • FAT32
      • doesn’t need to be FAT32 unless /boot/efi is on same partition and /boot/efi must be FAT32.
  • /
    • BTRFS
  • /home
    • BTRFS
  • swap
    • 1024 MB
      • 1024 MB has been enough for me everywhere. The least amount of RAM that I encounter is on my VPS which has 489 MB of RAM.

BTRFS might not be ready for production, but my phone (Jolla uses it and I haven’t had any more serious issues than:

  • Doesn’t support swapfiles (that is why I have swap partition)
  • Jolla: BTRFS balancing is required sometimes
  • Laptop: when battery has ran out, [Antergos] has got stuck booting and I have had to btrfs check --repair /dev/sdX (where X is / and /home separately) before it starts booting again.