IRCnet is dying network, one of the first ones, and it has no centralized management, so nothing new ever happens there.

I left IRCnet today because I have gotten enough unwanted PMs (Private Messages). Mostly there was nothing bad in them, but I have long history with IRC harassment so I get very anxious every time I receive a message from sender I don’t know or more importantly have approved.

  • freenode-harassment - freenode staff had zero interest to doing anything so I released the most troubling content.
  • ircassholes - site where you can submit people who…

There are also other missing features:

  • TLS (over IRC in this blog) - Encrypted connection between you and the server.
  • Services - NickServ, ChanServ etc. NickServ allows nicks to be registered so you can be sure that you talk to the person and not someone who stole their nick for imposting and doing bad things as you. ChanServ again allows channel registration and having access list so all ops can always be opped automatically and voiced people voiced etc.
  • IRCv3 - Modernizing the IRC protocol with many improvements, such as [away-notify] which makes server tell you every time someone on common channel goes /away or returns. I mention this, because it decreases bandwidth a lot as clients don’t have to /who-poll to see which people are away. Away-notify is also faster.