This should be obvious, but is apparently not as at time of writing I have blocked and reported around 95 people for spam.

The number has been last updated on 2016-09-05.

Rules applying to everyone

  • Ask for permission on group before messaging me or your message is spam.
  • If you do message without permission, type your greeting and message on the first line using proper English (or in my case Finnish).
    • I am not going to read multiple lines of spam just to figure out if it’s spam or not.
    • I am not native English speaker, so if the message consist entirely of improper English, I have to decipher the message which might go over my abilities which makes the message spam.
  • If you request please don’t report me for spam, that seals your message as spam.
  • If I express disinterest towards the discussion, forward you somewhere else or say that I cannot help you, stop! Otherwise you become spammer again.

There are also other factors such as my mood, but if you follow these instructions and don’t ask anything offensive, there is good chance that I or any reasonable person doesn’t report you for spam.

If we know each other

  • The rules applying to everyone also apply to you.
    • If we know each other, I might not follow them so strictly.
      • Remember that I have facial blindness and bad name memory, so I might not recognize you leading to spam report.
  • If we have shared our phone numbers, the report spam button doesn’t appear.

Further reading

  • Telegram spam FAQ which Telegram should force new users to read in my opinion.
    • The questions two and three are the most important in my opinion.
    • If you use your brains, you will see that this page is in line with the spam FAQ, but tries to be more idiotproof.
  • If you do get your account limited (=prevented from contacting people privately whose number you don’t have and who doesn’t have your number, punishment from spamming), contact the spambot instead of complaining on groups..
  • Why I react so badly to spam or have written this (n addition to 30+ at time of writing blocks and spam reports) part1, part2 & request for Telegram that would decrease amount of spam reports.