Matrix has many clients and servers and other projects and finding the right place to ask a question can be difficult.

I originally wanted to contribute this post to official Matrix documentation, but found it too difficult to fit myself into their documentation style guide, so I am typing this into my blog and linking here while hoping for the official Matrix documentation to replace this in the future.


The main Matrix room is, but it’s a little busy and it can be easier to ask in more specific room where you are often directed to. It’s bridged to #matrix at freenode.


Riot support lives in three rooms depending on your platform:

  • is for Riot Web/Desktop.
  • is for Riot Android.
  • is for Riot iOS.

Other rooms exist for other clients:

  • for Matrix IRCd, a gateway for IRC clients
    • Replaced PTO.
  • for NaChat
  • for Tensor
  • for Quaternion (and libqmatrixclient)
  • for WeeChat matrix.lua script
    • address:
    • Not to be confused with which is for the WeeChat IRC client itself.

And while they are not clients, I think they should be mentioned:

  • for End-to-end crypto in Matrix
  • for end-to-end-encryption test
    • Main address not set, so I am using the one.

Bridges & Integrations

Room for 3rd party network bridging in general is which is also bridged to matrix-org/bridging at Gitter. I think some bridges such as Gitter/Slack live there (please correct me if I am wrong!).

The bridges I know to have their own rooms are:

  • for the IRC bridge
  • for the Twitter bridge
    • alias
  • for the Telegram bridge
    • Doesn’t have primary address set, so I take the one.

Integrations live at which appears to be very little known even to people who have been using Matrix for a long time.


I haven’t been following server-side so much as I am afraid of the heavy RAM-requirement, but the rooms I am aware of are:

  • for unofficial Synapse support, but at the time of typing they suggest you to ask questions in
  • for Ruma

Source of this page, pull request welcome!