This page contains key fingerprints that might interest you if you wish to communicate with me securely. In case I have multiple accounts with some protocols, I only list those which I mainly care about.


My 3PIDs are currently linked to at mikaela colon disroot dot org.

name ID key
OP3_OOS-20180308 EKQHKUSTZA rJva gMvF CzJM rgMe zafR 9YMx JqVC uLKK jUpQ NQpM 1OE
Sedric_Ubuntu_Flatpak-20180430 DHIUMYCGUN jJTx FL+1 Jrpz 9CiC Lm4O AsaN X7ST TD6H qOmx /0jT W54
Sedric_Ubuntu_nativefier-staging MZFHHEFQPQ DDiu IRAc Uta5 jF8g s03L 9yud Qdo1 k+BW emov U5ci DRU
Sedric_Ubuntu_nativefier-develop NXORSGQBVR ajMU o422 krqd fW52 +/j1 Mjj2 QtLm mAup NJqX Bz2z hmM
Zaldaryn OEOAUVSUHU Egda nZxq D6IU H1KB wbNt RuPe Nbru FjUx 0o+J X9js hy4
Sedric_Windows ECIZOFNVQH pTZq qWA2 jXxI UqbD q+HO BKu1 bmLA ImvX TG7z vcrm ruo


Device/Software OMEMO Fingerprint
ONEPLUS A3003/Conversations FA60F9E5 5F9E99AE 5F922385 600985B5 826B7EEE 678DD1AA A50A8588 7B2A7523
Jolla/Conversations Legacy 15F93AD5 0EC2E3AC B69671AD 856C979D 752DB7D4 0F79F7EF 023AA929 F464125B
Sedric/Gajim 92B8D1C6 2BA2B932 8C2C0628 F9EE1742 D9E83134 3CE0D2B8 3309181F 9DCEA779
Sedric/Flatpak 29E1BAF1 305F20CC 463F292E FA7D7898 7001762B 74D76759 573E05FB 5426BB27
Sedric/Dino-snap 209e9851 a62a8b6d 283fd0a2 efaaac72 1e0ff389 f6570767 2fe70b60 2e402b64
Sedric/Dino-flatpak 2d45d85b 86002fca 473c7d62 b294e885 6861fc04 ec106394 9ecfae20 057c8317


OTR is impossible with three clients fighting for the messages, so I only support it with IRC (which currently has no other good choice and where I have only single client (WeeChat) which my phone also connects to) and even if some of the XMPP clients talks it, I would appreciate you using OMEMO instead.

Account OTR Fingerprint
IRC DA0CFDDE E05BE012 B2E726B5 0789F4E2 E7DB582D


PGP Fingerprint
2910 4A46 C561 5BF9 78A0 83F2 0C20 7F07 B2F3 2B67